AS OF 12-10-2002


Project Description
Alaska InvestNet $75,000.00 11/1/2002
Juneau, AK    
Support for the Entrepreneur in Residence internship program networking Alaska's youth with career opportunities in the startup private sector    
Alliance for Children & Youth $3,250.00 7/30/2002
Gastonia, NC    
Support for the Homework Club providing after-school tutoring for low-income and minority middle-school children performing below grade level    
America Scores $7,000.00 1/19/2002
New York, NY    
Support for "Writing for the Community" after-school program using soccer to enhance early literacy,community service and leadership among at-risk elementary school students    
Austin Children's Museum $50,000.00 1/9/2002
Austin, TX    
Support for expanding the Early Childhood galleries and programs    
Austin Children's Museum $10,000.00 10/24/2002
Austin, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant to support the "Open Door Program" providing free or reduced rate admission and scholarships for economically disadvantaged children, families and school groups    
Austin Film Festival $25,000.00 1/19/2002
Austin, TX    
Support for "Kids 'N Film" arts education program    
Austin Free-Net $50,000.00 4/30/2002
Austin, TX    
Support for "Project Big Jump" providing training and public access to the Internet and computing resources in public places throughout greater Austin    
Austin Helps Honduras $28,000.00 9/10/2002
Austin, TX    
Support for emergency relief in Juticalpa, Honduras to unblock city sewer system following massive flooding in May of 2002    
Believe in Me Project $20,000.00 1/26/2002
Austin, TX    
Support for in-school character education program utilizing ensemble dance and Event of the year performance    
Bicycle Action Project $5,000.00 1/16/2002
Indianapolis, IN    
Support for youth development program using bicycles as hands-on educational tools    
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Texas $20,000.00 5/8/2002
Austin, TX    
Support for Violence Prevention Program    
Boys and Girls Club of Laguna Madre $10,000.00 1/26/2002
Port Isabel, TX    
Support for Power Hour Program and operations    
Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Washington $5,000.00 7/23/2002
Sliver Springs, MD    
Support for Intel Computer Clubhouse featuring high-end technology, professional tool-based software, and mentor support helping youth to explore their creative talents    
Breakthrough $40,000.00 5/14/2002
Austin, TX    
Support for academic program that provides a path to college for high-potential, low-income students over a six-year period starting in 6th grade    
C.A.S.A. Centro para los Adolescentes de San Miquel de Allende, AC $50,000.00 9/6/2002
San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato    
Support for child care and child development services at Santa Julia in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico    
California Academy of Sciences $5,000.00 4/30/2002
San Francisco, CA    
Support for Early Childhood Education Program at natural history museum    
Camp Fire USA East Texas Area Council $3,000.00 3/25/2002
Longview, TX    
Support for "Gift of Giving" service learning program teaching K-6 children about volunteerism and community development    
Center for Nonprofit Management $10,000.00 5/22/2002
Dallas, TX    
Support for Education Program management seminars for nonprofit agencies    
Child Crisis Center of El Paso $10,000.00 3/25/2002
El Paso, TX    
Support for crisis nursery and emergency shelter for abused and neglected children ages newborn to 12    
Childhelp South $25,000.00 11/26/2002
Knoxville, TN    
Support for Children's Advocacy Center's Mobile Unit serving child abuse victims in rural areas    
Children's Advocacy Centers of Texas, Inc. $10,000.00 7/22/2002
Austin, TX    
Support for training and technical support programs for children's advocacy centers throughout Texas    
City of Austin PARD-Park Police Division $2,400.00 7/22/2002
Austin, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant to support memorial for Park Police Officer William D. Jones who was killed in the line of duty    
Council on Foundations $11,414.00 3/6/2002
Washington, DC    
Support for programs and operations    
Council on the Environment of New York City $10,000.00 2/12/2002
New York, NY    
Support for "Training Student Organizers Program" an earth science and environmental science course for high school students    
Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children $98,650.00 11/1/2002
Austin, TX    
Support for programs providing volunteer advocacy to abused and neglected children    
Cross Border Institute for Regional Development $10,000.00 2/17/2002
Harlingen, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant supporting the 1st annual conference "Creating CBIRD 21st Century Communities: Networks,E-Learning and Technological Innovations"    
Dallas CASA $6,200.00 10/28/2002
Dallas, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant to educate the community and recruit volunteers to serve as Court Appointed Special Advocates for abused children    
Dallas Children's Advocacy Center $5,000.00 5/14/2002
Dallas, TX    
Support to help underwrite the costs of speaker and travel fees for the 2002 Crimes Against Children Conference    
Dallas Children's Advocacy Center $50,000.00 11/18/2002
Dallas, TX    
Support for specialized therapeutic counseling services for child victims of abuse    
Down Home Ranch $118,930.00 9/6/2002
Elgin, TX    
Support for expansion of administrative staff and seed money for the first year of a significant increase in fund-development activity    
EarthTalk Inc. $13,871.00 1/16/2002
Austin, TX    
Support for "Women in Science" Earth & Sky radio series    
Educating Young Minds Tutorial Services $5,000.00 10/15/2002
Los Angeles, CA    
Support for educational program for inner-city students offering home-study instruction, after-school tutoring and standardized test prep classes    
El Buen Pastor Early Childhood Development Center $10,000.00 6/3/2002
Austin, TX    
Support for childcare center for low-income children    
Forum for Innovation and Leadership $50,000.00 9/6/2002
Dallas, TX    
Seed funding for program providing education, development,mentoring, and networking opportunities to unite and accelerate women as economic drivers    
Foundation Communities $12,500.00 1/21/2002
Austin, TX    
Support to establish family learning center at affordable housing apartments offering educational and family support programs on-site for residents    
Girls Incorporated of Alameda County $10,000.00 2/17/2002
San Leandro, CA    
Support for Eureka Teen Achievement Program multi-year math, science and technology program for underserved low-income, junior high and high school girls    
Girlstart $297,215.00 5/6/2002
Austin, TX    
Support for "Aiming for Algebra Success" program to educate school aged girls at all levels to become more proficient in mathematics and science    
Grantmakers for Children Youth and Families $1,500.00 6/5/2002
Washington, DC    
Support for programs and services    
Greenlights for Nonprofit Success $40,000.00 2/27/2002
Austin, TX    
Support for programs and services to provide customized training, consultation and resources to nonprofit organizations    
Greenlights for Nonprofit Success $12,400.00 7/22/2002
Austin, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant to support Crossroads Conference providing professional development for Central Texas nonprofit organizations    
Helping Hand Home for Children $18,619.00 4/29/2002
Austin, TX    
Support for "Discovery Time" summer education and enrichment program    
High Jump $5,000.00 2/26/2002
Chicago, IL    
Support for academic enrichment program offering middle school students academic and leadership building tools    
Highland Park United Methodist Church-Child Development Program $12,400.00 10/28/2002
Dallas, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant to support child development program for preschoolers    
Homeward Bound $35,000.00 11/14/2002
Phoenix, AZ    
Support for Children's Services Program providing case management and a variety of educational, recreational, social, therapeutic and medical program and services to child victims of homelessness and domestic violence    
Hospice and Palliative Care of Western Colorado $10,000.00 5/23/2002
Grand Junction, CO    
Support to establish Institute for Palliative Care to educate the community on end of life issues    
Hospice Austin $25,000.00 6/3/2002
Austin, TX    
Support for the "Program Integrity Project" to ensure quality improvement and program integrity for hospice programs and services    
Imagination Celebration Fort Worth $3,000.00 1/19/2002
Ft. Worth, TX    
Support for annual arts and education program for the deaf and hard of hearing    
Junior League of Austin (The) $35,000.00 11/12/2002
Austin, TX    
Support for Hispanic Mother Daughter Program supporting Hispanic girls in grades 6-12 who have the academic potential to suceed in college    
Knowbility $20,000.00 2/17/2002
Austin, TX    
Support to develop replication toolkits for Accessibility Internet Rallies, community-building events in which web designers compete to build web-sites pro bono for nonprofit organizations making them accessible to people with disabilties    
Leadership Enrichment Arts Program $10,000.00 1/21/2002
Austin, TX    
Support for Leadership Summer Institute "A Taste of College" program motivating youth from low-income families to plan for higher education    
Lower East SideTenement Museum $10,000.00 4/22/2002
New York, NY    
Support for educational programs that teach school-age children about American social, ethnic, urban, working class and immigrant history    
Lutheran Social Services of the South, Inc. $5,000.00 4/30/2002
Austin, TX    
Support for technology component for initiative to remediate educational deficiencies of children living in foster care    
Midtown Educational Foundation $10,000.00 12/3/2002
Chicago, IL    
Support for after-school program preparing 7th and 8th grade at-risk girls for success in college prep high schools    
National Center for Family Philantrhopy $25,000.00 7/31/2002
Washington, DC    
Support for general programming and operations to help serve the family foundations and other family grant making programs    
Operation Jump Start $6,000.00 5/3/2002
Long Beach, CA    
Support for mentoring program for youth grades 8 -12 offering educational and enrichment programs    
Peaceable Kingdom Retreat for Children, Inc. $43,784.00 6/3/2002
Temple, TX    
Support for school program coordinator for outdoor education program for children with special needs    
Rio Grande Institute (The) $10,000.00 12/2/2002
Marathon, TX    
Support for community based project that will sustains the State's telecommunications infrastructure investments in the border communities    
SafePlace $43,500.00 5/22/2002
Austin, TX    
Support to develop a comprehensive Supportive Housing Program Manual detailing the components of building and operating a transitional housing program    
San Francisco Education Fund $5,000.00 1/23/2002
San Francisco, CA    
Support for Peer Resource Program partnership with the school district that helps students build leadership skills including tutoring, mentoring, counseling and support groups    
Sustainability Indicators Project $3,400.00 9/26/2002
Austin, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant to produce third annual report or community report card featuring data and trends on issues of economic development, social equity, and environmental quality in Central Texas    
Texas A&M Research Foundation $10,000.00 7/31/2002
College Station, TX    
Support for Dr. Nikki Van Hightower's project "Program for Reduction of Rural Family Violence"    
Texas Association of Mediators $3,000.00 7/22/2002
Waco, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant to help launch the Texas Mediator Credentialing Association and support its efforts to implement voluntary credentialing for mediators in Texas    
Texas Council on Family Violence $29,100.00 2/12/2002
Austin, TX    
Support for training initiatives to strengthen leadership within domestic violence programs    
Texas Fragile Families Initiatives $95,866.00 5/6/2002
Austin, TX    
Support for Tandem Prenatal & Parenting Program promoting involved, responsible fatherhood among young fathers and effective co-parenting relationships    
The Accelerated School $5,000.00 9/25/2002
Los Angeles, CA    
Support for Student, Family, and Community Services Program that strengthens student academic support by building school partnerships with parents and the community    
The Austin Symphony Orchestra $20,000.00 4/22/2002
Austin, TX    
Support for technical component of Young People's Concert Series    
The Family Place $6,200.00 10/4/2002
Dallas, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant to support Successful Treatment and Respect Together program to help prevent family violence    
Tomorrow's Women in Science & Technology (TWIST) $3,000.00 1/16/2002
Austin, TX    
Support for the 2002 Austin Expanding Your Horizons Conference    
Travis County Children's Advocacy Center, Inc. $59,997.00 11/1/2002
Austin, TX    
Support for the "One by One Project" to increase the advocacy and education services to abused and neglected children    
United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Houston $10,000.00 3/25/2002
Bellaiare, TX    
Support for High School/ High Tech program promoting science,engineering and technology careers for students with disabilities    
United Way/Capital Area $5,000.00 1/9/2002
Austin, TX    
Support for "First Call for Help" bilingual telephone-based information and referral service that links people with community services    
University of Louisiana at Lafayette (The) $3,300.00 11/25/2002
Lafayette, LA    
Support for Parenting Resource Center for pregnant teens    
University of Texas at Austin (The) College of Communications $5,000.00 8/23/2002
Austin, TX    
Support for "Collaboration Technologies for Organizations Serving Homeless Project" providing technology assistance to organizations serving homeless people    
University of Texas at Austin (The) E-Learning and Training Labs at IC2 Institute $12,400.00 11/15/2002
Austin, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant to support EnterTech Project teaching employability and self-management skills to at-risk,disadvantaged, and incarcerated youth through simulation-based job skills training program    
Women's Advocacy Project $30,000.00 2/1/2002
Austin, TX    
Support for "Battered Women Defendants Program" representing eligible victims of domestic violence in their criminal defense case    
Women's Museum (The): An Institute for the Future $12,400.00 11/9/2002
Dallas, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant to support annual fund of the museum which promotes accomplishments of American women    
Women's Transitional Living Center $5,000.00 7/23/2002
Orange, CA    
Support for Lily Pad Program providing medical care to victims of domestic violence    
Youth and Family Counseling Services $5,000.00 4/30/2002
Angleton, TX    
Support for Lily Pad Program providing medical care to victims of domestic violence    
Total $1,882,296.00  

Austin Public Education Foundation $375,000.00 5/6/2002
Austin, TX    
Support for technology and leadership team to direct and monitor "The Austin Blueprint: To Leave No Child Behind" designed to raise student achievement in chronically under-performing and low-performing schools    
Book Boosters $4,000.00 2/12/2002
Austin, TX    
Support for "Read & Grow" after-school program for at-risk 2nd and 3rd grade students to enhance their literacy skills while learning in the study of horticulture    
Exploratorium $10,000.00 8/23/2002
San Francisco, CA    
Support for the Teacher Induction Program that trains and supports experienced science teachers to serve as mentors and in-class coaches for beginning science teachers    
Friends of Reading is Fundamental of Austin $10,000.00 5/3/2002
Austin, TX    
Support to buy books for the RIF Infant and Preschool program    
Highland Park Elementary School $25,000.00 3/28/2002
Austin, TX    
Support for technology specialist    
Infant Welfare Society of Chicago $5,000.00 1/22/2002
Chicago, IL    
Support for program providing Hispanic children with books and early literacy services in conjunction with preventive health care services    
Katapultz $25,000.00 4/30/2002
Austin, TX    
Support to develop, recruit, and train a team of technology coordinators to support economically disadvantaged schools in Austin ISD    
KIPP, Inc. $500,000.00 5/6/2002
Houston, TX    
Support for Computer Lab    
Literacy Council of Bowie & Miller Counties, Inc. $2,150.00 11/27/2002
Texarkana, AR/TX    
Suppor for program training teens to tutor elementary school students in reading    
Literacy Instruction for Texas $5,000.00 6/13/2002
Dallas, TX    
Support for adult literacy programs for English and non-English students    
Mountain States Group $10,000.00 6/3/2002
Boise, ID    
Support for "Rock and Read" early literacy project for low-income families    
Page Ahead Children's Literacy Program $5,000.00 5/4/2002
Seattle, WA    
Support for programs and services for children's literacy program    
Project GRAD Los Angeles $75,000.00 2/4/2002
North Hollywood, CA    
Support for residential math institute and website demonstration project to model best teaching practices via the internet    
Puente Learning Center $10,000.00 5/14/2002
Los Angeles, CA    
Support for literacy programs that give children from low-income households the opportunity and resources to develop educational skills    
Reach Out and Read Coalition of Southern Arizona $5,000.00 11/27/2002
Tucson, AZ    
Support for Reach Out and Read program to promote early childhood literacy    
Red McCombs School of Business (The), University of Texas at Austin $12,400.00 9/25/2002
Austin, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant to support research project to develop improved methods for planning, control, and evaluation of complex social, economic, and managerial processes    
Research Foundation of SUNY (The), University of Albany $16,117.00 1/16/2002
Albany, NY    
Support for research conference to address central problems of education reform policy and to build a network of analysts to improve public policy in education    
Santa Monica-Malibu Education Foundation $12,400.00 12/10/2002
Santa Monica, CA    
Board member's discretionary grant for operations to raise money for public schools in the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School    
Santa Monica-Malibu Unifed School District $276,750.00 5/6/2002
Santa Monica, CA    
Support for participation in the Institute for Learning's New Instructional Leadership Program to build instructional capacity within the district    
Schreiner University $25,325.00 5/3/2002
Kerrville, TX    
Support for career exploration conference for middle school girls, math and science camps for children and youth, and Learning Support Services program for college students with learning disabilities    
Southwest Human Development $5,000.00 5/22/2002
Phoenix, AZ    
Support for "Reach Out and Read" early literacy program providing free books to children at pediatric check-ups    
Southwest Texas State University $50,000.00 5/7/2002
San Marcos, TX    
Support for "Mathworks" summer training program for teachers and math camps for students    
Texas A&M University - Texas Alliance for Science Technology & Mathematics Education $3,000.00 10/22/2002
College Station, TX    
Support for the planning, development, and production of the 2002 conference which prioritizes science, mathematic, and technology education for all students    
Texas Business and Education Coalition $5,000.00 3/27/2002
Austin, TX    
Support for programs to improve Texas schools    
Total $1,472,142.00  

Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders Association $5,000.00 5/23/2002
Chicago, IL    
Support for the research grants program    
American Federation for Aging Research $1,500.00 3/11/2002
New York, NY    
Support for aging research    
Baylor College of Medicine $12,400.00 11/9/2002
Houston, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant to support Clinical Scientist Training Program    
Children's Defense Fund $123,763.00 2/4/2002
Austin, TX    
Support for program to enroll Texas children in Rio Grande Valley in health insurance programs and project evaluation    
Children's Defense Fund $122,775.00 11/1/2002
Austin, TX    
Support for program to enroll Texas children in Rio Grande Valley in health insurance programs and project evaluation    
Children's Hospital Los Angeles $12,000.00 1/17/2002
Los Angeles, CA    
Support for interactive computer network designed to support and entertain hospitalized children    
Children's Medical Center of Dallas $12,400.00 10/28/2002
Dallas, TX    
Board member's discretionary grant for capital campaign to expand facilities    
Deafness Research Foundation $10,000.00 2/12/2002
Washington, DC    
Support for research into the mechanics of hearing "Regulation of Voltage Gated K+ Channels in Cochlear and Vestibular Hair Cells"    
Living Bank International (The) $10,000.00 3/2/2002
Houston, TX    
Support for "Registry Expansion Project" developing a website that makes potential donors more accessible to procurement officials    
Mental Health Association of Texas $3,000.00 1/6/2002
Austin, TX    
Support for state-wide conference on children's mental health    
Seton Fund (The) $6,000.00 10/24/2002
Austin, Texas    
Board member's discretionary grant for Seton Community Health Centers Endowment which supports three clinics for low-income families    
Women's Health & Planning Association of Texas $5,000.00 1/19/2002
Austin, TX    
Support for educational efforts in policy research and advocacy for family planning and preventive women's health care issues    
Yale University $15,000.00 9/20/2002
New Haven, CT    
Support for Women's Health Research Workshop Series and biennial conference whereby scientists actively share results of their gender-based investigations with women in the region and the medical and scientific communities at large    
Total $338,838.00  
Grand Total $3,693,276.00  


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